R Park Design Team Selected

Rendezvous Lands Conservancy (RLC) announced today that a design team led by local landscape architecture firm Pierson Land Works LLC (PLW) has been selected to design and develop a new public park at the RLC-owned River Springs property.

The PLW Team is composed of locally and internationally acclaimed professionals from PLW, Biota Research & Consulting Inc., Flitner Strategies, Gilday Architects, Harmony Design & Engineering, and Hood Design Studio. The team has a history of working together on innovative, collaborative, community-oriented projects of similar scope, has existing experience with the River Springs project site, and is locally-based with the exception of Hood Design Studio of Oakland, Calif. – included on the team for their unique approach to urban design and art installations in natural settings and prior experience working in the Jackson Hole area.

“We were impressed by the energy and expertise in the room,”

said Aaron Pruzan, member of the RLC Selection Committee and Snake River Fund emeritus board member, describing the PLW Team’s interview.

“They brought a wide range of expertise in design, architecture, engineering, permitting, restoration, and public input to the table, and an incredible amount of enthusiasm and investment in this project.”

Seven Statements of Qualifications were reviewed by the RLC following a Request for Qualifications issued on February 3, 2012. The RLC Selection Committee included Jackson residents Aaron Pruzan, Bill Campbell, Laurie Andrews, Tony Brooks, and Veronica Silberberg, who were chosen for their representation of project stakeholder groups. One of the requirements of the selection process was that the lead firms of each design team be based locally, with direct ties to the community.

Today’s selection of the PLW Team is a major step towards the strategic transformation of the River Springs land into a natural park for the use and enjoyment of the public.

“RLC has been on a very fast time line to select a design team for the park so that we can leverage the already-planned reclamation of the gravel operation with any future improvements to the site,”

said Laurie Andrews, RLC Selection Committee member and executive director of the Jackson Hole Land Trust.

“We are grateful for the high-quality submissions from all of the locally-based
design teams – which certainly made the final decision a difficult one for our

The PLW Team is tasked with the design and development of the park in two
phases. The first phase will include plans for grading and water feature construction
on the RLC land. The second phase will provide for passive recreational amenities
such as trails, picnic areas, nature and wildlife viewing, gathering areas, a pathway
bridge and pathway, and public art in a natural setting that complements the phase
one activities. The PLW Team proposes a summer/fall 2013 completion date for the
new park and a seamless layering of the site’s natural beauty and ecological function
with its social use.

“We are excited to place the park design in the hands of the Pierson Land Works Team. I am confident that they will thoughtfully integrate the pathways system into the site design, and that they are keenly aware that their finished product will define a community legacy,”

said Bill Campbell, RLC Selection Committee member and Friends of Pathways board member. The Jackson Hole Daily covered this announcement in the following article.