Jackson Hole Land Trust Board President Endorses R Park

To bring awareness and support for Rendezvous ParkRendezvous Park a unique opportunity the Jackson Hole Land Trust Board President Fred Staehr wrote an article in our local Jackson Hole News and Guide newspaper. “Rendezvous Park a unique opportunity” explains the Land Trust’s motivations for protecting the once gravel pit. The article was published just days before the Teton County Board of Commissioners will meet to assess the park’s Final Development Plan.

Staehr explained that “Every step of the way we have been encouraged by community members and partner organizations that have shared this vision with us.” His conclusion highlights the very reason the project began.

“This new park is something to be celebrated. Providing the community and young families with this opportunity to get out on the park land and experience nature and the outdoors is a powerful way to foster a sense of stewardship and conservation ethic in the next generation.”

We thank the Jackson Hole Land Trust for your vision and persistence to protect the former commercial gravel pit that will soon be fully reclaimed and transformed into a 40-acre natural park for the enjoyment of the community and its visitors.