Final Development Plan Approved

On August 5th we reached a significant right of passage when the Teton County Board of County Commissioners approved R Park’s Final Development Plan. In doing so, many of the specifics regarding management and programming were determined.

We secured approval in great part thanks to the overwhelming community and partner support. Of the tens and tens of letters of support and public comment shared at the meeting, the following points were commonly shared. Rendezvous Park will benefit the community in many ways, specifically:

R Park team & its supporters

  • Offer 40 acres of natural land, in a central location, for the community’s enjoyment for FREE.
  • The pedestrian bridge over the Snake River, and pathway section through the park will bring to fruition one of the key and critical missing links in this valley’s supported pathway system.
  • Provide the community a safe place for children to access water (in the form of 3 ponds and small rivers connecting them).
  • The community can now enjoy a rehabilitated and previously inaccessible area in a sustainable and context-sensitive way.
  • Be maintained (as it was purchased, designed, and constructed) through private funding.

R Park is truly for, shaped by, and supported by the community. Cheers!