GAP! Girls Visit R Park

This month two groups of Girls Actively Participating! (GAP!) members visited Rendezvous Park. GAP! promotes the well-being of adolescent girls through active participation in self-discovery, community building, and service to others.

We toured the 7th and 8th graders first and the following week toured the 6th graders. It was a visit of exploration, as some of them knew about R Park and had visited before. For some of them however, this was their introduction to the new community asset.

Yoga at R ParkThe girls were very enthusiastic and discussed the following:

  • Building community through the presence of a community gathering place
  • Giving to others – R Park being a gift to the community and also a place to offer volunteer opportunities
  • Self expression – They brainstormed creative and fun activities that kids and adolescents could enjoy at R Park
  • Becoming successful, contributing members of society – discussing what is important to them and how they may choose to be influential in the future.

As a park created for and shaped by the community, this is exactly the sort of visit we hope to see more of and are trying to foster. If you are interested in visiting R Park as a field-trip or with an informal group, please feel free to contact us.

Partnerships is what we’re about!Skipping stones