R Park — Open this Winter

This winter season (2014 – 2015) marks the first winter in which Rendezvous park is open to the public. The Rendezvous Lands Conservancy team is eager to see how the community might embrace this new, outdoor resource.

It’s become clear, through personal stories and many social media posts that sledding at R Park is the new “it” activity. Eight year-old Wilson resident, Bradford King, said,

“You should go sledding at R Park because it is pretty steep and you can get lots of speed. There is a flat at the end so you can lose all your speed safely. I would suggest you go in the afternoon because tracks are already made. You can just find a track and get going.”

With the Grand Knoll standing 25 feet high and a walking trail that spins around to the top, there is not only steepness for speed, but also the perfect lip to get some air.  As Bradford mentioned, the “meadow” provides a large, flat area to come to a safe stop.

So, before spring arrives, make sure to visit R Park so you can have as much fun as these kids AND adults.  Please note that sleds are not provided, so you should bring your own.