2014 in Review

This year has been HUGE for R Park! Rendezvous Lands Conservancy has spent the past few years reclaiming the former gravel pit into a natural park. We are not finished reclaiming the once barren and rock-covered landscape, but it is finally beginning to look like a park. For example:2014 in Review

  • Kids paddle, pedal, and play
  • Cairns built to guide visitors through the park
  • Park serves as inspiration for the Plein Air Painters
  • R Park Advisory Board member builds flag atop the Grand Knoll
  • 1,000+ people visited R Park for its opening celebration
  • A quarter mile of levee access is not open to the public
  • The three large pits have been shaped and converted into ponds
  • Kids enjoy s’mores by the bonfire
  • A variety of animals have been spotted and appreciated

Thanks to our trustees, advisory board, ‘Friends,’ partners, and supporters for making 2014 so momentous for R Park!