Land Trust Features R Park & Board Member

One of our founders, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, highlighted R Park in their Fall/Winter Open Lands 2014 Newsletter: Valley Visions. In doing so, they interviewed Land Trust supporters, most thoroughly, Scott Pierson, who’s been integral in R Park’s creation.  Pierson is a Land Trust board member, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy board member, and R Park Design Team leader.

“Scott’s favorite design features, the ‘knolls’ – an idea…that mimics the grassy buttes found across the valley. ‘The knolls turned out as a real plus, because they enable people to get above the flat valley floor, see the mountains and the river, and get a sense of the breadth and space of the whole park. People really enjoy them.'”

“Anna Sullivan, Land Trust board member, attended the R Park opening…’What an incredible resource for the community,’ said Anna…’It is a visionary effort by different groups that

Land Trust articlecollaborated to take advantage of a truly unique open space for the enjoyment of all ages…It is wonderful for my family to have R Park, which offers many activities we love, within biking distance of where we live.'”

The article concludes that

“In five years, Scott envisions that R Park will be coming into its own as a treasured community fixture. The native grasses will be tall, and trees planted this year will be well-established. There will be more wildlife using the park than now (and more than when the land was a gravel pit), as vegetation grows in to create more screened areas and sanctuaries.”

Many thanks to the Jackson Hole Land Trust – R Park wouldn’t exist were it not for your vision and dedication.