Hidden Treasure at R Park

In celebration of Easter, the Snake River Brewery and 96.9FM the Mountain painted a mini-keg to resemble an Easter egg. This Easter Kegg was hidden in the county & clues were shared as to its location.

Searching via kayakTens, maybe hundreds, of community members searched in hopes of discovering this Easter Kegg, which would guarantee them one free Snake River Brewing beer every day for one year.  Their motivation was such that a kayaker put on her winter clothes and searched R Park’s ponds and streams.

To our surprise, the Easter Kegg was hidden at R Park!  Would these clues have led you to our waters? Some of our favorite are:

  1. Twas the week before Easter & the keg has been hidden, it’s somewher in the Hole that’s not forbidden
  2. At Snake River Brewing they have another clue, find the Easter Kegg and you’ll rendezvous with a local brew
  3. Mountains, Rivers, hills, and streams, free beer for a year, is it in your dreams?

A clever young woman discovered the kegg beneath one of R Park’s many walking bridges.

Clues to the hidden Easter KeggEaster Kegg discovery