6th Graders Prepare R Park for the Summer

Chaminade volunteersThanks to a partnership with the Teton Science Schools (TSS), two groups of visiting students from Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis cleaned, raked, wheelbarrowed, sweat, laughed, picnicked, and more at R Park in late May.

With 15 volunteers helping two days, they completed a total of 40-hours of much-needed maintenance and improvements.

TSS group leader Anna Llyod said,

Chaminade volunteer sports sticker

“R Park is an awesome change for Teton Science Schools’ volunteer work. This project is close to the community and will directly benefit thousands of people in many ways.”

The boys made many improvements including:

  • built new and improved existing trails throughout the park
  • removed large fence-posts obstructing visitors’ and animals’ ability to navigate the area
  • smoothed the beach along the big pond

“Sometimes work is fun to do,”

stated Kyle Johnson proudly.

Chaminade volunteers lunchMark Scott said,

“R Park is going to be really cool when it’s finished. I liked moving the heavy cement blocks, fence-posts, and gravel for the trails.”

Thanks to the 30 students and leaders from Chaminade College Preparatory School and the Teton Science Schools for contributing to this community park!

If you’re interesting in volunteering at R Park we could use your contributions and have a number of opportunities. Please contact us at elisabeth@rpark.org.