Become a FRIEND through Old Bill’s Fun Run

Old Bill's Fun RunThe Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities is the most innovative fundraiser in the nation, engaging the entire community. For almost 20 years, the event has helped house homeless pets, feed the hungry, teach our children, protect Jackson’s natural beauty, and more, touching the lives of thousands.

As a reputable organization and project in Jackson Hole, we welcome you to support R Park through Old Bill’s Fun Run, which will be matched thanks to the generous Co-Challengers!

Gifts can be made online or by check until September 18th (see specific directions below). We hope you’ll join the community at 10am on Saturday, September 12th in the Town Square to celebrate.

Generous partners purchased the gravel pit, saving it from residential development. Now, as a nonprofit, R Park’s future relies on its visitors and neighbors. Join ‘Friends of R Park‘ to lead this project that is greatly benefiting our community. It’s the first of its kind — a park for the community, shaped by the community, and supported by the community.

**You can give online here – Under “event”, please select “Old Bill’s, under “Filed of Interest” select “Conservation,” and type in the keyword “Rendezvous”. Thank you!