Plant your own Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwoods are one of the most important trees in the western United States. Cottonwood as bird habitatThey are valuable to a myriad of wildlife – providing moose secure winter habitat, food, and cover, as well as excellent nest platforms for predatory birds including eagles and ospreys.

As a commercial gravel pit, the flora was decimated, as can be seen in this aerial photo from 2012.2012 R Park Aerial In restoring the 40-acres back to a natural state, we have planted 100 Cottonwood trees and need your help to plant 150 more.

With a gift of $400 we will plant a Cottonwood tree that in time will grow to between 65 to 150 feet tall and may live up to 150 years. Or partially fund a Cottonwood with a gift of any amount.

Cottonwoods not only provide habitat for animals and shade for visitors, but are also a source of inspiration for artists, especially in the fall when their foliage turns gold, orange, and yellow.

Make a gift today and be part of R Park’s long-lasting and immensely valuable Cottonwood grove. They’re the perfect gift for a loved-one who will receive a letter sharing its significance.

Gifts can be made by credit card or check (mailed via USPS to Rendezvous Lands Conservancy | PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002).

You can also give through the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Old Bill’s Fun Run through September 18th and a percentage of donations will be matched by generous Co-Challengers.