Reclamation progress – excuse the machinery

As R Park is reclaimed from a commercial gravel-pit to a natural park significant restoration is required. Please excuse the heavy machinery as we work as quickly as possible. Meandering stream progress

The following progress is in the works:

  • Creating a meandering stream through the vast meadow to provide a safe place for kids to play in moving water, as well as an additional natural element
  • Planting the beginning of our second cottonwood grove (150 trees) to serve as New cottonwoodsspace for exploration, shade, and beauty, as well as significant wildlife habitat for shelter and foraging. You can help with this effort by funding a tree or part of a cottonwood.
  • Planting part of 3-acres of wetlands, which will provide significant habitat for an array of wildlife.
  • Removing hundreds of pounds of brush and weeds from the edge of the big pond to provide additional beach for swimming, picnicking and playing.

Wetland planting

Owned and managed by a nonprofit, we need YOUR help to complete these efforts. Visit our wish list for details.

*Please also note that our parking area at the north entrance is currently closed for visitor safety. Call or email for temporary directions.

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