Renowned biologist studies & compliments R Park

Having performed R Park’s 2014-2015 wildlife monitoring study, Dr. Doug Wachob concluded,

R Park’s revegetation and restoration will enhance wildlife habitat and likely increase wildlife use in future years.  It’s a conversion of the gravel mine ‘non-habitat’ into vegetated habitat, a very unique and exciting project.

As the former Associate Executive Director at Teton Science Schools and the Teton Research Institute, Doug WahcobDr. Wachob lead his team in creating and executing a study of R Park’s  possible impacts to wintering wildlife through snow-tracking and human use mapping. The study of which will continue for two more winters.

In addition to protecting the riparian and moose habitat from being subdivided into private homes, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy is restoring 10 desolate acres through planting natural grasses, wetlands, and cottonwood groves, as well as performing significant stream and pond enhancements.

Dr. Wachob’s academic background is in wildlife ecology with an emphasis on the ecology of human dominated landscapes. He received his BS from the University of Minnesota and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Wyoming in Zoology and Physiology and was an award-winning instructor at the University of Wyoming.

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