R Park’s breathtaking views were almost lost, TWICE

fall teton reflection
As an operating gravel-pit for many years, the now R Park property was off-limits to the public. In 2012 it would have remained private, but for a different reason.

Purchased by a developer, the 40-acres was to be subdivided into luxury homes.

Local conservation organizations purchased the property and the vision for R Park was born. The nonprofit Rendezvous Lands Conservancy was founded to own, reclaim, operate, and maintain this new community resource solely by donations.

Now families access the park via bikes and sit on the beach while their kids play in safe water or trek through snow on a sunny day for hours of sledding. Were it not for our FRIENDS dedication and commitment, R Park would be a very different place…not a park at all.

Make a gift today to show your appreciation and to further R Park’s transformation.