All about families

As a park shaped by the community that is for the enjoyment of the community and also reliant on the community for philanthropic support, please share your thoughts! We’ve reached out to people from all backgrounds and demographics for feedback.

In addition to the safe water, community paths, and nature trails, the Welch family added that their youngest son has become particularly enthusiastic about fishing. Thanks to R Park’s partnership with Wyoming Game and Fish the ponds were stocked with 600 cutthroats for kids to learn how to fish in a brush-free environment.

Welch family

Many thanks to the Welchs for sharing the following:

R Park’s conservation, recreation, and aesthetic value is immense, providing residents and visitors safe and enjoyable access to waterways, pathways, and trails within walking and biking distance of community neighborhoods.

Curious as to other visitors’ perspectives? Here are some. Now fish on!

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