A gift

Over the holidays this big red ribbon “wrapped” R Park because it is gift to the community.

As an operating gravel-pit for many years, 40 acres along the bank of the Snake River was off-limits to the public. Local conservation organizations purchased the property to have it transformed into a public park. The nonprofit Rendezvous Lands Conservancy now owns R Park and is reclaiming, operating, and maintaining its ponds, meadows, and hills solely by donations.

Like any gift for a lifetime it needs to be taken care of.

Were it not for our those generous partners R Park would be a very different place.

Rendezvous Park is possible Donate now buttonthanks to generous support and donations from the community. Our fundraising efforts are crucial and ongoing. Join us and become a FRIEND OF R PARK today. Please mail donations by check via USPS to PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002 or make a gift by credit card online.