Park Design

In December 2011, the Jackson Hole Land Trust and the LOR Foundation partnered to acquire three parcels at the crossroads of Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Village, and placed its ownership under the direction of a new nonprofit that they created together – the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy (RLC). This historic land deal marks the beginning of a journey for the community of Jackson Hole.

The Design Team

RLC has contracted a locally based, internationally acclaimed design team led by Pierson Land Works LLC to guide design and development. Our design team includes: Pierson Land Works LLC, Biota Research & Consulting Inc., Flitner Strategies, Gilday Architects, Harmony Design & Engineering, and Hood Design Studio. Their direction has led to R Park’s master plan:


Please visit our Public Input page for more information regarding the influential role our community played in R Park’s design, and visit our FAQs page for answers to the most frequently asked questions.