Rendezvous Park is a result of significant public input, as well as multiple partnerships and collaborations between many organizations, companies, and community members. Most impactful, was in December 2011 when the Jackson Hole Land Trust and the LOR Foundation partnered to acquire the property that is now Rendezvous Park. Without their vision and dedication we would not exist and R Park would be a number of private homes.

Community input has been an integral component of R Park’s design and has ensured that R Park will be welcoming and of interest to our community’s vibrant and varying user groups.

PartnersRendezvous Park contracted a locally-based, internationally acclaimed design team led by Pierson Land Works LLC to guide design and development. Our design team includes: Pierson Land Works LLC, Biota Research & Consulting Inc., Flitner Strategies, Gilday Architects, Harmony Design & Engineering, and Hood Design Studio. We have corporate sponsors, as well and would love for you to join us.

As R Park continues to develop and programming is created, we look forward to deepening our partnerships with community organizations, as well as creating new collaborations. If you or your organization are interested in working with R Park, please contact us.