Memorial for community-loved Jarad Spackman

After years of planning, a memorial for Jarad Spackman will soon be underway at Rendezvous Park. He was a passionate outdoorsman, committed to conservation and loved by many in this community. It is our honor to offer a quiet corner of R Park to his memory.

Upon its completion, we hope you will enjoy the contemplative gathering circle of rocks. To view the Tetons that Jarad so deeply loved, follow the rocks as they transition to stepping-stones that jut into the pond. We know this special place will provide solace for those remembering Jarad, as well as the hundreds of others for whom nature brings warmth and peace.

Thank you for your patience regarding the construction. Contact us or call us at (307) 733-3913 for more information.

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Welcome Winter at R Park

Winter Solstice  marks the onset of winter and is celebrated across the world. Rendezvous Lands Conservancy invites you to join hundreds of community members in welcoming winter at R Park on Sunday, December 20th.

Special partners, Jackson Hole Public Art will provide an interactive art experience complete with hundreds of ice luminaries. Wyoming Stargazing will have a giant telescope to view planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and more! There will be sledding, caroling, cookies, and our signature apple cider cocktail also.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.10.40 PM

Stop by anytime between 4-6:30pm to enjoy the winter wonderland. It will be a magical night not to miss!

Please access R Park from the MAIN ENTRANCE — at the soon-to-be-built, large, cairn-like entrance sign on the Teton Village Road, just across from the Stilson parking lot. Parking is provided and the bonfire will be nearby.

Don’t forget your sleds!

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Winter fun!

With fluffy snowflakes floating through the sky and Thanksgiving around the corner we’re excited for all that’s to come at R Park this winter.

8.5 x 11 handout WINTER 2

We love to see families and friends having fun out there, so share your photos and stories with us. Post to our Facebook page, tag us “Rendezvous Park” on Instagram, or tweet us!  You can also share your story on our website.

Rendezvous “R” Park is possible Donate now buttonthanks to generous support and donations from the community and our fundraising efforts are crucial and ongoing. Become a FRIEND OF R PARK to help us complete the park’s reclamation, development, operations, and maintenance. Please mail donations by check via USPS to PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002 or make a gift by credit card online.

Thank you FRIENDS!

Your gift has made R Park’s first year open an absolute success. “Phase one” of reclaiming the 40-acre, desolate, gravel-pit is almost complete. We are beginning “phase two,” the design and development of built features to make the park more accommodating to visitors. The following are some of the accomplishments that have made 2015 monumental.

  • 54,000 square feet of road reclaimed, nature trails were completed or
    improved, 22,000 square feet of wetlands and 30 cottonwoods were planted, and a meandering stream through the meadow was created.
  • Wyoming Stargazing hosted free, weekly stargazing nights to view planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies using a professional telescope throughout the summer and fall.
  • Cleaned thick brush along the big pond, expanding the beach access and created a small island just off the beach for kids to wade and swim to.  Also removed the remaining of the hundreds of thousands of tons of gravel.

As a community resource made possible solely by donationsbecome a FRIEND today.

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Longtime leader applauds new model

Len Carlman has lived in Jackson Hole for more than 30 years. His career as a lawyer, much of which was focused on land transactions and conservation easements, as well as his extensive experience in the environmental nonprofit field, illustrate his deep knowledge of natural resource preservation.

In assessing Rendezvous Park’s model, as created by the nonprofit Rendezvous Lands Conservancy (RLC) he said,

RLC is pioneering an innovative non-profit template for preserving, owning, and maintaining natural parks that are accessible to the public.Len Carlman at R Park

RLC’s mission is to collaborate with communities to acquire property for public access to help make their visions a reality. Unlike other organizations, RLC is committed to catalyze, design, develop, and own such properties.

Rendezvous Park is RLC’s flagship project, the success of which illustrates this model’s effectiveness.

As Carlman encouraged, make a donation today to contribute to

this strategic growth with visionary private charitable support.


Learn more about Rendezvous Lands Conservancy’s board of directors, staff, and Rendezvous Park’s advisory board.

Mayor calls R Park “a gem”


Teton County Mayor Sara Flitner has been involved with R Park since early on and in a number of capacities: as a partner with her firm, an advocate, and mayor. Her PR company, Flitner Strategies began as part of our acclaimed local team, selected by community stakeholders.

Since then, as mayor, her relationship has shifted as Teton County has become a close partner. R Park’s nonprofit owner, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy, provided the county an easement for the Snake River Pedestrian Bridge and community pathway to land on and pass through the park. In doing so, R Park serves as an essential connection and valued gathering place between our Jackson Hole communities.

It’s a great example of what is possible when a nonprofit vision, community support and public collaboration come together to enhance our community,

asserted the mayor. Her opinion, as well as those from families, a biologist, a 5th generation local and community educator provide a holistic view of what R Park provides different people.

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All about families

As a park shaped by the community that is for the enjoyment of the community and also reliant on the community for philanthropic support, please share your thoughts! We’ve reached out to people from all backgrounds and demographics for feedback.

In addition to the safe water, community paths, and nature trails, the Welch family added that their youngest son has become particularly enthusiastic about fishing. Thanks to R Park’s partnership with Wyoming Game and Fish the ponds were stocked with 600 cutthroats for kids to learn how to fish in a brush-free environment.

Welch family

Many thanks to the Welchs for sharing the following:

R Park’s conservation, recreation, and aesthetic value is immense, providing residents and visitors safe and enjoyable access to waterways, pathways, and trails within walking and biking distance of community neighborhoods.

Curious as to other visitors’ perspectives? Here are some. Now fish on!

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Children’s Museum hosts camp at R Park

The echo of kids shouting with excitement at R Park was amplified over two weeks in August  while the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum Summer Explorers Camp was in session. Campers used naturalist tools such as magnifying glasses, nature journals, and field guides to discover bugs, tracks, birds, and animals.

Students also JHCM 2015 campsbuilt sculptures out of natural materials, used watercolors to paint the world around them, and created stick boats they raced down the creek.

Exploring Rendezvous Park as part of our Nature Detectives Curriculum made learning come alive for our campers,

shared Jackson Hole Children’s Museum Education Director Julie D’Amours. 

It is R Park’s mission to provide the community with a place to enjoy and appreciate our natural resources and we second the Children’s Museum’s belief that,

There is no better way to learn and have fun than getting your hands muddy while playing outside in nature!

Thank you to the amazing staff at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum who exemplify what R Park is all about.  We host community events throughout the year, as well as special gatherings for our FRIENDS.

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An artistic inspiration

When people think of a park, recreational activities often come to mind. R Park is that and more.  It’s also a place to connect with and appreciate nature. Since the Park’s opening in September 2014, it has drawn artists of all sorts. Photographers, painters (oil, acrylic, charcoal, and chalk), and even musicians have been inspired by R Park’s extraordinary views.

The Teton Plein Air Painters have visited twice and the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s View 22 painters are regulars.  And it’s not uncommon for individuals to do so independently.Art Assoc camp

This summer was a first for R Park when the Art Association of Jackson Hole’s Greg Houda hosted two painting camps for elementary schoolers. Houda says,

The young artists became more aware and observant of the surroundings they often overlook in life & art.

Something else happened during the camp when the young, aspiring artists interacted with professional painters. As they trudged around the Park, finding a view of their liking and were taught how to start with a sketch before painting, they stumbled upon a professional painter nearby.  A question and answer session naturally began and the exchange was magical.

As a park for the community, we hope you’ll visit and enjoy your time. Sign-up to receive our monthly eNewsletters featuring this and other R Park happenings.

5th generation local appreciates park

Jim Rooks’ great grandfather Roy Van Vleck and his brother migrated to Jackson from Michigan in 1906. While en route to Oregon, they detoured to Jackson Hole for a “quick” hunting and fishing trip. One hundred and five years later their kids and kids’ kids (and so on) are still in the valley. As a father of two, young, 6th generation Jackson natives, Jim and  his family visit R Park.

Jim Rooks

Of R Park, Rooks said,

As a 5th generation Jackson Hole native, R Park is one of the very best additions to our natural and human community that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

As a long-time professional educator of students of all ages, Jim’s opinion of R Park holds even more weight.  We’re thrilled the Rooks family enjoys R Park–see you out there on a sunny day!

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