Public Input

For the Community, Shaped by the Community, and Supported by the Community

R Park’s existence is a result of input and enthusiasm from local residents, nonprofit leaders, and policy makers. Direction from the community has been an integral priority of our design and has ensured that R Park will be welcoming and of interest to our vibrant and varying user groups.

Public Input Process

Public inputIn 2012, approximately 500 community members gave feedback regarding park design and programmatic features. Rendezvous Lands Conservancy also hosted two public workshops and an open house presentation. At the workshops the design team presented three concepts, in the form of aerial maps, that encompassed community input. And additional feedback was also sought.

Having assessed and incorporated these community insights, the design team created the Conceptual Master Plan, which they presented to 75 partner organization representatives for further feedback.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in the public input process and continue to welcome feedback and questions about R Park. Please Contact Us directly or consult our FAQs page.