R Park Parking

The next time you’re on the Teton Village Road look for an eye-catchiScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.34.48 AMng sign. Hanging from 21-feet tall timbers is Rendezvous Park’s main entrance.

Along the community pathway system, at 4270 River Springs Drive in Wilson, R Park is accessible by many alternative forms of transportation including by bike, cross-country skis, rollerblades, START Bus, boat via the Wilson Boat ramp, and more!

And, just past this towering sign, R Park has an accessible vehicle turnaround that leads to the heart of the park – the swimming pond. After kayaks and kids unload from the car, visitors can utilize the safe parking area that is surrounded by towering cottonwoods.

While we encourage alternative methods of transportation, if you choose to drive, we invite you to use one of our almost 30 parking  spots. High level map


As the park’s transformation from a gravel-pit continues, there will be a welcome plaza providing visitors with a sense of arrival and gathering place. Designed by Gilday Architects PC, the main kiosk, restrooms, and signage will help complete the community’s vision for what this once gravel-pit could become.

Made possible by generous support and donations from the community our fundraising efforts are crucial and ongoing. To make our conservation work a reality, mail donations by check via USPS to PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002 or make a gift by credit card online.Donate now button



Thank you FRIENDS!

Your gift has made R Park’s first year open an absolute success. “Phase one” of reclaiming the 40-acre, desolate, gravel-pit is almost complete. We are beginning “phase two,” the design and development of built features to make the park more accommodating to visitors. The following are some of the accomplishments that have made 2015 monumental.

  • 54,000 square feet of road reclaimed, nature trails were completed or
    improved, 22,000 square feet of wetlands and 30 cottonwoods were planted, and a meandering stream through the meadow was created.
  • Wyoming Stargazing hosted free, weekly stargazing nights to view planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies using a professional telescope throughout the summer and fall.
  • Cleaned thick brush along the big pond, expanding the beach access and created a small island just off the beach for kids to wade and swim to.  Also removed the remaining of the hundreds of thousands of tons of gravel.

As a community resource made possible solely by donationsbecome a FRIEND today.

Donate now button

Reclamation progress – excuse the machinery

As R Park is reclaimed from a commercial gravel-pit to a natural park significant restoration is required. Please excuse the heavy machinery as we work as quickly as possible. Meandering stream progress

The following progress is in the works:

  • Creating a meandering stream through the vast meadow to provide a safe place for kids to play in moving water, as well as an additional natural element
  • Planting the beginning of our second cottonwood grove (150 trees) to serve as New cottonwoodsspace for exploration, shade, and beauty, as well as significant wildlife habitat for shelter and foraging. You can help with this effort by funding a tree or part of a cottonwood.
  • Planting part of 3-acres of wetlands, which will provide significant habitat for an array of wildlife.
  • Removing hundreds of pounds of brush and weeds from the edge of the big pond to provide additional beach for swimming, picnicking and playing.

Wetland planting

Owned and managed by a nonprofit, we need YOUR help to complete these efforts. Visit our wish list for details.

*Please also note that our parking area at the north entrance is currently closed for visitor safety. Call or email for temporary directions.

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R Park: Funded by Donations Only

Dave Spackman has been in Jackson Hole for more than 35 years.  He is a respected community member with a keen understanding of the Jackson Hole lifestyle including an intimate knowledge of every slope, street, and stream in the area.  Immersed in the community, R Park is proud to have Dave as a ‘FRIEND of R Park.  As a FRIEND, Dave has endorsed R Park, sharing his enthusiasm for the model.

Spackman endorsement

He asserts,

This new community resource is remarkable, especially because it’s made possible without a single tax-payer dollar.

Owned, transformed, operated and maintained by the nonprofit Rendezvous Lands Conservancy R Park’s future depends on it’s visitors.

Become a ‘FRIEND of R Park’ today to make this innovative project possible.

R Park’s New Fishing Hole

May 26th and 27th were big days for Rendezvous Park, literally.Fish stocking photo  An experiment that had been discussed was executed when Wyoming Game & Fish tested R Park’s three ponds to assess their temperatures, as well as what kinds of fish are already R Park residents.

Their findings asserted their hopes, that R Park would be an ideal place to stock for kids to learn how to fish.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide featured the work in the following article:

News & Guide article

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6th Graders Prepare R Park for the Summer

Chaminade volunteersThanks to a partnership with the Teton Science Schools (TSS), two groups of visiting students from Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis cleaned, raked, wheelbarrowed, sweat, laughed, picnicked, and more at R Park in late May.

With 15 volunteers helping two days, they completed a total of 40-hours of much-needed maintenance and improvements.

TSS group leader Anna Llyod said,

Chaminade volunteer sports sticker

“R Park is an awesome change for Teton Science Schools’ volunteer work. This project is close to the community and will directly benefit thousands of people in many ways.”

The boys made many improvements including:

  • built new and improved existing trails throughout the park
  • removed large fence-posts obstructing visitors’ and animals’ ability to navigate the area
  • smoothed the beach along the big pond

“Sometimes work is fun to do,”

stated Kyle Johnson proudly.

Chaminade volunteers lunchMark Scott said,

“R Park is going to be really cool when it’s finished. I liked moving the heavy cement blocks, fence-posts, and gravel for the trails.”

Thanks to the 30 students and leaders from Chaminade College Preparatory School and the Teton Science Schools for contributing to this community park!

If you’re interesting in volunteering at R Park we could use your contributions and have a number of opportunities. Please contact us at elisabeth@rpark.org.

Land Trust Features R Park & Board Member

One of our founders, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, highlighted R Park in their Fall/Winter Open Lands 2014 Newsletter: Valley Visions. In doing so, they interviewed Land Trust supporters, most thoroughly, Scott Pierson, who’s been integral in R Park’s creation.  Pierson is a Land Trust board member, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy board member, and R Park Design Team leader.

“Scott’s favorite design features, the ‘knolls’ – an idea…that mimics the grassy buttes found across the valley. ‘The knolls turned out as a real plus, because they enable people to get above the flat valley floor, see the mountains and the river, and get a sense of the breadth and space of the whole park. People really enjoy them.'”

“Anna Sullivan, Land Trust board member, attended the R Park opening…’What an incredible resource for the community,’ said Anna…’It is a visionary effort by different groups that

Land Trust articlecollaborated to take advantage of a truly unique open space for the enjoyment of all ages…It is wonderful for my family to have R Park, which offers many activities we love, within biking distance of where we live.'”

The article concludes that

“In five years, Scott envisions that R Park will be coming into its own as a treasured community fixture. The native grasses will be tall, and trees planted this year will be well-established. There will be more wildlife using the park than now (and more than when the land was a gravel pit), as vegetation grows in to create more screened areas and sanctuaries.”

Many thanks to the Jackson Hole Land Trust – R Park wouldn’t exist were it not for your vision and dedication.

Construction Update

Clouds reflect on R Park's pondConstruction is in full swing – R Park is slated to open late summer.  More specifically:

  • The three ponds are almost fully shaped, with the largest being 455 feet at its widest – that’s large enough to swim, kayak, and even stand-up paddleboard!

  • Five large knolls ranging from 12 to 25 feet in height are being shaped to serve as features for recreation and exploration.

  • R Park’s bike path that connects to the Snake River pathway bridge is in progress.

  • 1,000 additional feet of Snake River access will exist via R Park’s levee.

  • Seeing that our community needed support, R Park donated pit run (gravel) to help with stabilization efforts at the Budge slide site.

  • Moose, elk, deer, beavers, eagles, and ospreys have been spotted at R Park – don’t forget your binocs!

New Managing Park Director

The Rendezvous Lands Conservancy is pleased to announce the appointment of Elisabeth Rohrbach as Managing Park Director, in anticipation of the Rendezvous “R” Park opening this late summer.

Hal Hutchinson, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy Board Chair stated,

“Elisabeth will be instrumental in connecting this community with its newest natural resource, R Park. She brings a breadth and depth of experience including development, communications, and volunteer and community engagement, which will suit the park and the community well. We are thrilled to have her on board at this exciting time.”

Elisabeth RohrbachElisabeth joins the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy with eight years of experience in nonprofit development and a passion for the outdoors. Having moved to Jackson in 2010, Elisabeth was hired at Grand Teton National Park Foundation, where she most recently excelled as Manager of Foundations and Special Gifts. Prior to Jackson, Elisabeth lived in San Francisco and worked for Room to Read, an international education nonprofit, where she supported a network of 5,000 volunteers who raised over $6 million annually.

About her new role, Elisabeth said, “R Park’s opening is quickly-nearing and I am eager to collaborate with partners and supporters to introduce our community and its visitors to this innovative treasure. The public park will offer breath-taking Teton views, Snake River levee access, walking trails with wildlife viewing areas, and safe streams and ponds for families to explore.”

Working with the community, the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy is making significant progress to build this exceptional gathering place for families and friends. Construction is in full swing and the 40-acre park at the intersection of Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Village is slated to open this late summer. Snake River boat access will be available through the park, as will the new bike path connecting the Teton Village Road bike path to Emily’s Pond via the pedestrian bridge over the Snake River.

Elisabeth began on May 5th and invites individuals interested in R Park to contact her at elisabeth@rpark.org for a personal tour.

County Approves Land Use Changes for R Park

JH News & Guide article, September 12th, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Teton County Board of Commissioners has approved land-use changes essential to the forward progress of Rendezvous Park. These changes now allow non-profits such as the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy to own property zoned as Parks and Open Space; rezones the 40-acre park land from Single Family to Parks and Open Space; and allows for a detached single-family residence within the Parks and Open Space zoning district (to allow for a caretaker’s residence on-site).

Next up: the park design and management plan go before the Board of Commissioners for approval.