1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-5-14-13-pmThe once gravel-pit is being reclaimed into a natural park called Rendezvous Park or R Park. The pit’s main quarry has been transformed into a 450-foot long pond that is fed by the Snake River and then flows into an additional pond.

In 2016 Wyoming Game and Fish (WYGF) began stocking R Park’s ponds with native cutthroat, turning the pond into an ideal fishing hole. That year over 250 kids visited R Park to partake in WYGF’s 26th annual Kids Fishing Day.

Fishing is for families with kids 16 years and younger. Please remember to abide by the Wyoming Fishing regulations and have fun!

R Park is a gathering place for people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate nature. Fishing in our ponds brings families together and keeps alive a pastime deeply rooted in our country’s history,

said Board Member Hal Hutchinson.

R Park is possible Donate now buttonthanks to support and donations from the community. Our fundraising efforts are crucial and ongoing. Become a FRIEND OF R PARK to help us continue to serve the thousands who love this place. Please mail donations by check via USPS to PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002 or make a gift by credit card online.

Nat’l Kids’ Fishing Day @ R Park

Kids up to 13 year old are invited to “get hooked on fishing” at the 26th annual Kids Fishing Day on Saturday, June 4. Hosted by Wyoming Game and Fish, FREE activities will take place, for the first time, at Rendezvous Park (R Park) in Wilson from 10:30am to 2pmKFD boy.png.

Thanks to philanthropic support, the once gravel-pit is being reclaimed into a natural park for the community to enjoy for free. The pit’s main quarry has been transformed into a 450-foot long pond that is fed by the Snake River and then flows into an additional pond.

Jackson Fish Biologist Tracy Stephens said,

A lack of vegetation along the main pond’s edge makes it ideal for beginning anglers who want to test a fly rod.

The pond will be stocked with hundreds of Snake River cutthroat trout and there will be an array of educational activities including:

  • Hands-on pond stocking and fish dissection with biologists to determine their sex.
  • Knot tying, baiting, casting, handling, and cleaning.
  • Identifying different types of fish, their food (aquatic insects), stream habitat, and invasive species.
  • Each child will receive a personalized certificate a goody bag.

R Park is a gathering place for people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate nature. Hosting this longtime event that brings families together and keeps alive a pastime deeply rooted in our country’s history embodies what R Park is all about,

said Hal Hutchinson, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy board member.

Cutthroat stocking photoThe 40-acre park is owned, operated, and maintained by the nonprofit, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy. Located at 4270 River Springs Drive in Wilson, at the intersection of Highway 22 and the Teton-Village Road. We recommend you use alternative forms of transportation to attend, such as START Bus or the community pathway system.

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Thank you FRIENDS!

Your gift has made R Park’s first year open an absolute success. “Phase one” of reclaiming the 40-acre, desolate, gravel-pit is almost complete. We are beginning “phase two,” the design and development of built features to make the park more accommodating to visitors. The following are some of the accomplishments that have made 2015 monumental.

  • 54,000 square feet of road reclaimed, nature trails were completed or
    improved, 22,000 square feet of wetlands and 30 cottonwoods were planted, and a meandering stream through the meadow was created.
  • Wyoming Stargazing hosted free, weekly stargazing nights to view planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies using a professional telescope throughout the summer and fall.
  • Cleaned thick brush along the big pond, expanding the beach access and created a small island just off the beach for kids to wade and swim to.  Also removed the remaining of the hundreds of thousands of tons of gravel.

As a community resource made possible solely by donationsbecome a FRIEND today.

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Renowned biologist studies & compliments R Park

Having performed R Park’s 2014-2015 wildlife monitoring study, Dr. Doug Wachob concluded,

R Park’s revegetation and restoration will enhance wildlife habitat and likely increase wildlife use in future years.  It’s a conversion of the gravel mine ‘non-habitat’ into vegetated habitat, a very unique and exciting project.

As the former Associate Executive Director at Teton Science Schools and the Teton Research Institute, Doug WahcobDr. Wachob lead his team in creating and executing a study of R Park’s  possible impacts to wintering wildlife through snow-tracking and human use mapping. The study of which will continue for two more winters.

In addition to protecting the riparian and moose habitat from being subdivided into private homes, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy is restoring 10 desolate acres through planting natural grasses, wetlands, and cottonwood groves, as well as performing significant stream and pond enhancements.

Dr. Wachob’s academic background is in wildlife ecology with an emphasis on the ecology of human dominated landscapes. He received his BS from the University of Minnesota and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Wyoming in Zoology and Physiology and was an award-winning instructor at the University of Wyoming.

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Reclamation progress – excuse the machinery

As R Park is reclaimed from a commercial gravel-pit to a natural park significant restoration is required. Please excuse the heavy machinery as we work as quickly as possible. Meandering stream progress

The following progress is in the works:

  • Creating a meandering stream through the vast meadow to provide a safe place for kids to play in moving water, as well as an additional natural element
  • Planting the beginning of our second cottonwood grove (150 trees) to serve as New cottonwoodsspace for exploration, shade, and beauty, as well as significant wildlife habitat for shelter and foraging. You can help with this effort by funding a tree or part of a cottonwood.
  • Planting part of 3-acres of wetlands, which will provide significant habitat for an array of wildlife.
  • Removing hundreds of pounds of brush and weeds from the edge of the big pond to provide additional beach for swimming, picnicking and playing.

Wetland planting

Owned and managed by a nonprofit, we need YOUR help to complete these efforts. Visit our wish list for details.

*Please also note that our parking area at the north entrance is currently closed for visitor safety. Call or email for temporary directions.

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Plant your own Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwoods are one of the most important trees in the western United States. Cottonwood as bird habitatThey are valuable to a myriad of wildlife – providing moose secure winter habitat, food, and cover, as well as excellent nest platforms for predatory birds including eagles and ospreys.

As a commercial gravel pit, the flora was decimated, as can be seen in this aerial photo from 2012.2012 R Park Aerial In restoring the 40-acres back to a natural state, we have planted 100 Cottonwood trees and need your help to plant 150 more.

With a gift of $400 we will plant a Cottonwood tree that in time will grow to between 65 to 150 feet tall and may live up to 150 years. Or partially fund a Cottonwood with a gift of any amount.

Cottonwoods not only provide habitat for animals and shade for visitors, but are also a source of inspiration for artists, especially in the fall when their foliage turns gold, orange, and yellow.

Make a gift today and be part of R Park’s long-lasting and immensely valuable Cottonwood grove. They’re the perfect gift for a loved-one who will receive a letter sharing its significance.

Gifts can be made by credit card or check (mailed via USPS to Rendezvous Lands Conservancy | PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002).

You can also give through the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Old Bill’s Fun Run through September 18th and a percentage of donations will be matched by generous Co-Challengers.

Visitor Responsibilities

Please protect & preserve this nonprofit-owned natural park by upholding the following:

Hours of Operation: Daylight to Dark


  • Bikes: Park at entrances or on trails
  • Closures/Restricted areas: Respect seasonal and temporary closure areas
  • Dogs: Welcome on perimeter trails only (pick-up after them)
  • Fishing: Under 16 years, catch & release, & artificial bait only
  • Group Use: Reservations & permits expected
  • Noise: Personal volume only
  • Parking: In designated spaces only
  • Sledding: At your own risk
  • Water Craft: Hand propelled only
  • Wildlife: Allow plenty of space – enjoy from a distance


  • Amplified Sound
  • Camping
  • Commercial Activity
  • Dumping or Littering
  • Fires
  • Glass Containers
  • Hunting or Trapping
  • Picking of Vegetation or Removal of Property
  • Smoking
  • Weapons, Firearms, or Fireworks


For Information, questions or to report damage call 307-733-3913 or contact us and for emergencies call 911.

Rendezvous Park is owned by the nonprofit Rendezvous Lands Conservancy who has the right to remove or expel anyone who chooses to not abide by the above responsibilities.

Eco Tour Adventures Connects Visitors to R Park

Since June Eco Tour Adventures Owner and Lead Guide Taylor Phillips has led visitors on interpretive tours bringing R Park’s environment alive through observation and natural history interpretation.EcoTourAdventuresLogo

Rendezvous Park’s 40-acres of mixed vegetative cover ranges from wetlands to shrubs, cottonwoods and grasslands, providing habitat to an array of flora and fauna.

On behalf of Rendezvous Lands Conservancy, we invite you to join Eco Tour Adventures on August 14th or September 11th as Taylor tells stories of R Park’s many animal visitors,

Taylor Phillips Eco Toursays Park Director Elisabeth Rohrbach.

By reclaiming the former gravel pit and opening it to the public, the Jackson Hole Community and its visitors will be able to appreciate it’s natural features in perpetuity.

Eco Tour Adventures was created with the idea of helping people connect with the natural world through wildlife observation and natural history interpretation. We believe that when one is more familiar with the intricate workings of the ecosystem, he or she has a deeper appreciation and connection with their environment. With this stronger bond we believe folks will make more environmentally sound choices in their day to day lives.

Many thanks to Taylor and Eco Tour Adventures for enriching R Park with your knowledge!

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